F Gas Regulations and your air conditioning system

The use of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F gases) like hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) is governed by Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 and impacts anyone who -
·manufactures, uses or services equipment that contains F gases, like refrigeration and air conditioning systems, solvents or aerosols ·produces or wholesales F gas ·imports or exports F gas, or equipment containing F gas, to or from the EU
Many air conditioning and heat pump systems contain F gases.Companies that operate or service and maintain fixed air conditioning units containing F gas must meet the following requirements. Check if your cooling system contains F gasLook at the list of Fgases regulated by the EU.HFC 404A and HFC 410A are common in air conditioning and heat pump systems.To find out if your equipment contains one of these F gases you can: ·check your manual or the labels on your equipment ·if we installed your equipment, then contact us for advice
Only trained technicians

How air conditioning can help relieve the misery of hay fever

Spring has well and truly sprung at last, and while we all appreciate the warmer weather, spring flowers, fresh green leaves on the trees and new life on the farms, for many people spring does bring the misery of hay fever.
Hay fever is an allergic reaction which many people are susceptible to, particularly between 5am and 10am, when the pollen count is at its highest. There are tablets and medicines on the market to help relieve the symptoms, but there are other simple things that can be done to makedaily life a bit more comfortable.
Using your air conditioning system effectively can help to manage hay fever symptoms as the installed air conditioning unit cleans the air within your premises.As the air is circulated, the cooling unit helps to purify the air as the many filters within the room air conditioner catch pollen, mould and dust, significantly reducing the number of allergens in the air.Adding some greenery to your building also helps purify the air .Plants such as peace lillies…

Evaporative cooling systems and Legionnaires' Disease

One of the questions we frequently get asked is whether you can catch Legionnaires’ disease from evaporative coolers. 
We are happy to report that there have been no recorded cases of a portable evaporative cooler causing Legionnaires’ disease and research indicates transmission of the bacteria is not possible by the evaporative method. What is Legionnaires’ disease? It is a very serious type of pneumonia caused by breathing in small droplets of water that contain bacteria called Legionella. Legionella bacteria are found naturally in moist environments such as lakes and rivers, and other water sources. The bacteria causing Legionnaires disease are very common, but only build up to dangerous concentrations in - ·Warm, stagnant water - evaporative cooling fans operate from a supply of cold fresh water, so the bacterium doesn’t have the opportunity to multiply. ·Limescale and slime – regular cleaning of wet surfaces with a mild bleach solution, will prevent a build up forming.
How is Legionel…

London Cool keeps Cask 2018 cool

Recently we visited a micro-brewery, Affinity Brew Company, in Bermondsey, London SE16, to carry out an on-site demonstration of some portable cooling equipment.  The reason they needed some portable cooling is that over the weekend of 7 and 8 April they were holding a beer festival – Cask 2018 – and were looking for an efficient way of keeping the cask-conditioned beers cool so they could be enjoyed at their best. The kegs were to be stored in insulated racks either 2m x 2m or 4m x 2m x 0.5m which would be kept cool with an air supply at 8 degrees.  London Cool delivered two Weltem spot coolers to the brewery to deliver cool air to each rack.
Affinity Brew Company partnered with another micro-brewery – Partizan Brewing - who are located just around the corner on Raymouth Road – to put on this event.Billed as ‘a cask beer festival the like of which we don’t think you’ll have seen before’ it showcased some of the UK’s ‘finest and most exciting breweries’with 30 different cask beers on t…

New Trainee Business Developer for London Cool

Our new Trainee Business Developer, Ivo, has been telling us about his first week with us and his first trip (one of many he will be making) into London as he accompanied one of London Cool’s colleagues on his deliveries around the capital.
‘We were pleasantly surprised to find that the traffic in West London was relatively light and we arrived by Marylebone Station in good time.
We were delivering an Avalanche portable split type air conditioner unitto a prominent firm ofarchitects as they needed additional cooling in their server room. Unloading one of these powerful units was a lot easier than I anticipated, although the condensers are very heavy. Carrying it looks easier than it is too.
After checking that the customer was happy with our setting up of the air conditioning unit, we made our way to London EC4.An online food company needed portable coolingequipment in their offices as their fixed air conditioning needed urgent maintenance and repair, proving that even in the most modern…

The advantages of a maintenance agreement for your air conditioning

Regular air conditioner servicing has many benefits
Increased efficiency of operationReduced chance of a costly, major breakdown at the worst timeLonger lifespan of the unitIncreased comfortLower operating costsImproved air qualityPriority call-outAdherence to manufacturer’s extended parts warrantyEnergy Efficiency
Regular air conditioner servicing can improve your air conditioner's efficiency. A clogged air filter in your air conditioning system can affect its efficiency as it will obstruct the air flow and increase the energy consumption.
A clean air filter in your room air conditioner, whether it is a ceiling recessed cassette system, or a ceiling suspended system, saves 15 percent energy compared with a dirty one.Dirty condenser coils will make the air compressor run harder which increases the energy consumption and your electricity bill.
Lower Repair Costs
If regular maintenance is not carried out, your air conditioner could eventually cost you more on major repairs.Additionally, …

Why air conditioning units can make your premises smell, from London Cool

Colleagues at our head office in Crawley, West Sussex RH10 have been discussing smells recently!
Possibly we should get out more, but it is true that air conditioning systems can give off smells, evidenced by recent reports which have highlighted an increase in the number of room air conditioning units giving out a bad smell.  Research has shown that one reason for the bad smells in installed air conditioner systems is a rather disgusting one – dead skin! 
Scientists have discovered that the stench from smelly air conditioner systems is caused by dead skins cells that our bodies shed which are then trapped in room cooling units, air conditioner filters and coils.  Bacteria that live in air conditioning units survive by eating dead skin cells. With each person shedding approximately 8lbs of dead skin cells each year, these are rather well fed bacteria.  
From our offices we serve London and the South East.We have looked at our air conditioning call outs, especially for companies that hav…