Installed Air Conditioning Repairs & Maintenance Work For Customers In London, Soho & Surrounding Areas 0800 440 444

London Cool from our Crawley office in the surrounding areas or Surrey and Sussex- carry out installed air conditioning repair and maintenance work for customers.  By calling 0800 440 444 we can give specialist advice on your air conditioning requirement and even carry out a free site survey. We blogged today about our customer findings regarding our air conditioning services in London.  The conclusion was London Cool supply more customers in the Soho, W1B, W1D and W1B postcodes than anywhere else in London.  The most amount or portable air conditioner units and call outs to attend fixed air conditioning.  We said we will publish some case studies so here is our first. A restaurant just off Regent Street in London, W1B, contacted London Cool as their installed air conditioning was not working as efficiently as it had been.  The restaurant had Daikin fixed installed air conditioning to keep customers cool and staff cool in the bar area.  The systems were not working efficiently as they h…

London Cool has the Soho area as its biggest customer base - 0800 440 444 –

London Cool have recently carried out a customer analysis for our London customers that have used us for our installed air conditioning services such as air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance.  Also a huge amount for our portable cooling units such as portable air conditioners, portable evaporative coolers and portable large fans. The greatest amount of customers for our air conditioning services are in the Soho area.  The W1B, W1D and W1F postcodes in Soho!! 
We have supplied air conditioning, repairs and portable cooling systems for Server rooms, computer rooms, equipment rooms, post production, film companies, plant rooms, cooling for marketing companies, even restaurants and hotels in the Soho London area have taken portable cooling units for rooms and events in the W1B, W1D and W1F areas.
Often companies have called us out of hours on 0800 440 444 as they have had overheat problems in an editing suite of break down of air conditioning in a server or temperature crit…

Air Conditioning Units In Turkey 0800 440 444

London Cool employee Morgan took these photos from her recent holiday in Turkey. Based in Crawley, Sussex office, the flight was from Gatwick Airport.

A lot of carrier air conditioning equipment was used around the hotel complex including carrier tower or console units.

Interesting to see on the air conditioning information plate there is no mention of the refrigerant gas used.

For air conditioning advice call Lon
don Cool on 0800 440 444

Server Room Air Conditioning Install And Repair London & South East 0800 440 444

Server rooms, often known as computer rooms, equipment rooms or plant rooms are often areas where the temperature within the rooms can be critical. 

London Cool can help on new installs, service contracts or repair in these temperature sensitive areas. 0800 440 444.

Most air conditioning systems we install and maintain in server rooms are wall mount units, however ceiling cassette systems are installed as well. Positioning of the installed air conditioner systems is important that is why London cool offer free site surveys to ensure you will receive the best cooling advice - call us on 0800 440 444. 

So if you want a repair on your server room air conditioning, require an install fixed cooling in your UPS or Battery room, have a plant room or computer room that needs a service call 0800 440 444.

Vision your event taking place in a marquee.... 0800 440 444

Vision your event taking place in a marquee.  Are you considering your event in cool summer evenings and nights, or romantic cooler Autumn or cold winter months.  Marquee heating can be a requirement all year round.  Why risk ruining a night when marquee heaters can take the chill off your marquee, tent, event or party?  Also, during other times of the year, example winter weddings, marquee heater hire adds a benefit for outdoor event heating keeping your guests warmer and help keep away seasonal chills. With our marquee heating hire, there’s no excuse for insufficient heating or cooling.  Here’s a couple of facts for you: several smaller marquee heaters are often more effective than one large one tent heater.  Portable heaters are exactly that, portable event heating can be placed near seating areas, directed to heat entrance areas and doorways, heat your guests in your marquee.  Whether your event is in high summer or you’re hiring a winter marquee, we are here to advise and assist y…

London Design Week is back! 0800 440 444 Call for Comfort Cooling!

This weekend, London Design Week is back! It'll be taking place in areas such as Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, Brixton, Chelsea and Bankside! So get yourself involved it'll be an event you'll regret missing! London Cool, head office, Crawley West Sussex 0800 440 444 also supply to events similar to London Design Week which provides a comfortable feeling! We like to make sure that all guests attending indoor & outdoor events are provided with either cool or hot air to receive a comfort cooling. London Cool, Crawley 0800 440 444 provide portable cooling air conditioning equipment and also portable heating equipment to fit all requirements and needs of those looking for comfort cooling. A lot of customers hire our portable heating and portable cooling equipment all year round to make sure comfort cooling is supplied. Its important that at events such as London Design Week they have portable h…

Marquee heating or cooling Autumn & Winter, for your event 0800 440 444

Autumn and Winter are fast approaching.  However there will still be indoor and out door events, such as parties, new product launches, Christmas parties, company corporate events, some will be indoors, some events out doors and some venue locations may be inside and outside such as pub parties and Autumn, Winter weddings.  All may requite heating, or even cooling.  This is where London Cool can help – 0800 440 444.
Our range of portable heaters, portable coolers are ideal to heat a marquee, heat a tent or heat your event.  Coolers can cool your marquee, cool your tent or event.

From our Head Office in Crawley, Sussex, we can hire you an event heater or cooler.  For free advice call us now on 0800 440 444.  As our name suggests we supply to all London, the south east and our local area Crawley.