Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hire, Rent or buy or purchase a energy efficient portable heat pump - London Cool & Midland Cool - call 0800 440 444

We have available energy efficient portable fan heat pump units, on wheels!  Available for hire, rent, sale, purchase your portable room heat pump unit.

Heat pumps offer energy efficient heating and quite often cooling as well.  The 2 units in the pictures are portable air conditioner cooling units as well as portable energy efficient heat pumps.  The warm air is supplied via a fan.  From our range of heat pump portable heaters for example you can get a 5kw fan heater, running from a 13 amp 240v plug socket!  A rated energy!

So reduce your portable heat for hire running costs, get more kw of heat from an energy efficient portable heat pump fan heater.  Oil filled radiators use a lot of energy to provide heat where as a portable heat pump uses less.  Let Daikin explain here about how they work -

And the Energy Saving Trust -

These smaller energy efficient portable energy efficient heat pumps also have big brothers.  Large portable spot heaters ...... more info on these to follow.

So if you want to heat your school, warm up your office, provide spot heateing for your reception area.  Have an event to warm up, hotel room a bit draughty and needs some back up portable heat for hire or purchase call London Cool 0800 440 444 call Midland Cool 0800 440 444.  We are here to help and assist you on choosing the best heater for your application.

London Birmingham West Midlands Sussex South East Kent Surrey Leicester Derby Coventry East Midlands Brighton heat for hire sale purchase.

Thanks all spot heat pump information to follow !!!

Paul Berry

Thursday, 20 October 2016

London Theatre cooling - difficult portable cooling project in Theatreland - Contact London Cool 0800 440 444

London Cool provide all types of air conditioning solutions in London and the south east from our head office in Crawley, Sussex.  This summer we were asked to look at spot cooling some areas of a listed theatre in London.  A temporary water chiller could not be used to cool the specific public areas neither could compressor type portable air conditioner units.  The theatre is a listed building in the heart of London Theatreland there were no areas to drill access holes to exhaust away the heat or provide flexible water hoses.

London Cool carry out free site surveys and for this cooling solution we supplied several Munter evaporative coolers as they were the right size cooler units to cool the specific public areas.  The hire of evaporative coolers for the London Theatre was a success.

We have found that evaporative coolers are not always the best solution but for some applications, as this London Theatre discovered to hire portable evaporative cooler was the best solution here.

London Cool and Midland Cool in Birmingham offer a wide range of portable air conditioner units for hire or sale to cool your event, room coolers, tent or marquee cooling or heating and we also have outdoor coolers and heating!

Free site surveys call 0800 440 444

London Cool based south of London near London Gatwick airport and Midland Cool in the West Midlands provide both heat for hire, hire portable cooling and drying equipment.  We also carry out installations, repair service and maintenance on fixed air conditioning.  Our customers include Theatres and if you would like a reference from one or more theatres please call 0800 440 444 or e mail or


Portable evaporative coolers Theatreland in London

Monday, 3 October 2016

Portable heat from energy efficient portable radiator Micathermic radiators 0800 440 444

Micathermic portable radiators offer heat for many spaces. They are energy efficient portable space heaters that heat up the fins instantly. Oil filled radiators use a lot of energy in heating the oil inside. Being oil free also means the heaters are very light making them easy to move around to any space you want to supply some instant heat to. London Cool from our head office in Crawley, Sussex near Gatwick Airport offer all types of portable heaters for hire and sale. Need heat to hire in London, South East including Kent and Sussex then call us. Midland Cool based in Birmingham offer heat for hire all over the Midlands they also have the range of Micathermic portable heaters. Portable micathermic radiators offer radiant heat as well as convection heat and we know of people who use them provide warmth for a covered terrace or enclosed outside area. We can think of many uses where people may need to heat. Heat an event, warm up a tent, provide back up heating for an office, hotels, hospitals, nursing home, schools and even heat a wedding party. Looking to get some portable heating for the Midlands, call Midland Cool based in Birmingham on 0800 440 444. For back up space heating for London and the South East call London Cool also on 0800 440 444. Safe energy efficient portable radiator heaters.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Business Developer sales getter team player career for London Cool. Air conditioning hire and sale, portable room coolers heat for hire Career, job, vacancy 0800 440 444

London Cool Head Office is in Crawley, West Sussex. From our office and warehouse location near Gatwick Airport we supply hire of room air conditioners, rental of portable air conditioner units, sale of air conditioning systems including room portable air conditioner units. To compliment the hire of cooling climate control equipment we offer heat for hire via space heaters and patio heaters. Need to dry out, hire or buy one of our room dehumidifiers. Fans will assist and we hire and sell industrial fans, hire and also available for sale warehouse drum fans. Supply areas include the south east, central London, Outer London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex. London Cool also supply full air conditioning installation services including VRV and VRF air conditioning. We have many maintenance contracts on air conditioning systems for offices and server equipment rooms in London and the South East as well. Do you want to sell air conditioning - The candidate London Cool are looking for will be professional with knowledge of the air conditioning market within London and the South East for end users and/or facilities management/trade clients and companies. Ideally you will have experience of the portable air conditioning and heating rental market and/or installation and service, maintenance of fitted air conditioning systems including VRV/VRF systems. This will include experience in carrying out site survey's and supplying quotations for the supply, installation, service and maintenance of fitted air conditioning systems including VRV/VRF systems. We have a large existing customer base from key trade accounts to the small end users that need constant development. Our website generates a lot of new enquiries through the phone and online, but you will be expected to develop new business. Your working day will be fulfilled with developing the existing client base as well as developing new business. You will be able to listen to requirements of the customer, raise and communicate the best solutions to quote them and close down an order. Communication with colleagues is important and you will need to be able to work closely as a team, operate within the company systems and procedures as well as correct use of our CRM database, the more you can put into this system, the more you can get out of it. Additional hours will need to be worked during peak periods and you will not be a 'clock watcher' during working activity times. Location: You will need to live in London or the South East with our head office located in Crawley, West Sussex. You will be required to work in the office from time to time especially during peak times when the phone is busy. This role will be split 50% in the office on the phones and 50% out in front of customers. Package: London Cool offer a great basic salary, company vehicle and tools to effectively carry out the role such as a smart phone, laptop (if applicable) and expenses. We offer a very generous 30 days holiday (plus bank holidays) and a company staff team bonus. Interested? – Are you interested then email your CV, salary expectations and any other information you want to give us. Would you like to discuss further please email for a call back giving your contact number and best time to call you back. E mail to

Thursday, 11 September 2014

London Cool for Crawley, Sussex the south east as well as London

Hire, rent buy, service, maintain for free advice in Surrey and Sussex on all matters airconditioning, heating, portable, installed patio heaters the lot, call London Cool on 0800 440 444

Air conditioning or heating Crawley, Horsham, Horley, Redhill, Surrey,Sussex we are here!

Hello from London Cool. We provide from our headquarters in Crawley West Sussex all of our air conditioning and climate control services. Should you need to hire a heater in Horsham, rent a patio heater in Polegate, air conditioning maintenance in Crawley London Cool are here to help. In fact sometimes we can offer a great deal on prices to local companies to Crawley and Gatwick who may require air conditioning for cooling or heat pump. London Cool also have a separate web site for the hire or rent of gas, electric or pyramid patio heaters - So from our Head Office in Crawley near Gatwick Airport and Horley, just off the Manor Royal Crawley Industrial Estate we can offer you and your company a local service for maintenance contracts, repair of your air conditioning, heat for hire, rent a portable heater or room air conditioner unit. Not just for London. London Cool hire, rent, buy, service, maintain, repair, airconditioning, heaters, portable, install we have the service in Sussex for you. We consider local to be Crawley, Gatwick, Horley, Horsham, Redhill, East Grinstead, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, all of these areas in Sussex and Surrey.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cool event Hot event Cool celebration Warm reception climate control your event 0800 440 444

The British have an obsession with the weather, this weather can ruin your event, weather can cause problems for your celebration, the weather can postpone your party.  Plan your special event even better by adding in some event climate control!!

Events are usually a special occasion, an important celebration or a family ceremony.  It could be a launch party for a new product, you could have an event to promote your company or a company corporate event.  Most events are planned events, planning an event could include a marque, music, guest speakers, important guests.  Hire a patio heater for your smokers by heating your smoking area.  Plan in some climate control for your special event or launch party, why ..... ?  Because of the wonderful unpredictable British weather.       Impress your guests!!!!

  • Why not cool your event, air condition your launch party, hire a portable air conditioner unit for your marquee, cool your nightclub with a room air conditioner, spot cool your music or cool down your band.  Impress your guests with a comfort cooled party environment.  Hire or rent a portable air conditioner unit from London Cool, Midland Cool part of City Cool.
  • Heat your event, provide comfort heating to your garden party by renting or hire a portable patio heater.  Electric or gas powered patio heaters available for hire.  Patio heaters are used for providing heat for out side smoking areas.  Hire a patio heater for your garden party, space heat event marquees, comfort heat your warehouse space.  In fact London Cool, City Cool and Midland Cool can assist in heating your event.
  • Do you have cloakrooms or areas where you store damp items of clothing, umbrellas, raincoats. These can all be kept dry for your customers and guests.  Keep your guests and customers dry and less sweaty by hiring or rent a dehumidifier or dryer.
Help your party be remembered, make your event or product launch even more memorable.  Hire or buy portable room air conditioners, room air conditioner, space heater, dehumidifier, dryer.

Even powerful warehouse or event fans are available.  Sometimes in big warehouses, large restaurants, bars or pubs.  When you have lots of people at an event or party simply hire some fans or large evaporative coolers.